There are people who follow The Warden and Warden-Commander during their travels in Ferelden and Amarathine. They help the main heroes to save Ferelden and Amarathine from the Darkspawn.

Warden Companions
Vital statistics
Position Varies
Age Varies
Status Determinant
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Origins GroupEdit

Party Select for Origins

The team in Origins

  • The Warden- Leader of the group and newest Grey Warden in Ferelden.
  • Alistair- Junior Grey Warden and closest friend of The Warden. He can also become a king.
  • Morrigan- Witch of the Kocari Wilds.
  • Sten- Captured Qunari
  • Leliana- An Orlesian bard who came to Fereden to hide from her past
  • Oghren- A drunk but powerful dwarf warrior of Orzammar and the ex-husband of Paragon Branka
  • Dog- The most faithful hound of The Warden.
  • Wynne- An old senior mage of the circle and a survivor from the Ostagar battle
  • Zevran- A assassin who was sent to kill The Warden and their allies. He can become a companion if he was spared.
  • Shale- A dwarf-turned-golem who was frozed as a statue for many years
  • Teryn Loghain Loghain can become a companion in cost of Alisatir's place in the team. He is a champion after the Orlesian war and became a teryn.

Awakening GroupEdit

  • Awakening Companions Party
    Warden-Commander or The Warden- The Arl of Amaranthine and is the leader of the Grey Wardens. They are the leader of the group who fights against The Architect and The Mother.
  • Mhairi- A Grey Warden who intoduces the new Arl at Vigil's Keep.
  • Anders- An apostate who was being held at Vigil's Keep.
  • Justice- A spirit of Justice who dwells in the Fade and tries to help people.
  • Velanna- A Dalish elf who was supposed to be the "Keeper" of her people.
  • Sigrun- A female dwarf who was a part of the Legion of the Dead.
  • Oghren- A drunk warrior dwarf who now becomes a Grey Warden.
  • Nathaniel Howe- Son of the late Arl Howe who attempted to kill the Commander.