The Sorcerer is the main character in Soul Sacrifice and Delta. They start as a worthless prisoner trapped by Magusar by becomes more powerful after readin Librom. They can be male or female. 

The Sorcerer
The Sorcerer
Vital statistics
Position Prisoner(Formerly)(Determinant)


Age Unknown
Status Alive/Transformed
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Soul SacrificeEdit

"Magusar's Prison"Edit

The Sorcerer wakes up and looks around for the person calling them. It is revealed that was calling them was a other prisoner who turned out to have magic from a book. The Sorcerer then watches how Magusar devours the prisoner and watches them before leaving.

When they wake up again they grab a book called Librom out of a pile of bones. Librom tells them to read him if they want to survive and defeat Magusar.

"Gaining Magic"Edit

While reading the adventures that was written in Librom, they become stronger and gain more and more magic every minute they read the book. When they reach the end of the Magusar arc, they hace then enough power to defeat Magusar and sees Librom is the sorcerer who has written the pages.

"Final Battle"Edit

Librom sacrifices himself so that the Sorcerer can escape and fight Magusar in his ultimate form. After defeating Magusar he immediately turns into a dragon to kill the Sorcerer, with no luck. Based what the sorcerer decides, the ending for the character is diffrent:

  • (Kill Magusar) After Magusar is killed the world changes into a beautiful paradise full of water and plants. Everyone then lives happily and free from the horrible sacrifice world.
  • (Save Magusar) Because of them saving Magusar, the two of them keeps fighting over and over until the Sorcerer cannot fight anymore and turns themselves into a book so that someone else can defeat Magusar.

Soul Sacrifice DeltaEdit


The Sorcerer joins certain sorcerers to kill monsters.


They join the good mages for salvation for the world and they save monsters instead of killing them.


They are tricked by Red Hood but joins her faction after fighting her to the "death".

"Final Battle against Magusar and the gods"Edit

  • (Save Magusar) They save Magusar from the gods that are controlling him. Magusar remains as a guardian of the world and helps them in need while The Sorcerer also helps the new world.
  • (Kill Magusar) After sacrificing Magusar, he and Librom talks about the hope of the world and the Sorcerer's role as Librom's heir. They protect the new world from danger of the gods if they return one day.