Steph is a survivor of the Endurance Crew and was the first victim of the solarii sacrifices for Himiko's return.

Steph in Tomb Raider
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Tomb RaiderEdit

Steph was on the Endrurance before they reached the dragon's triangle. Stepg was presumed to be caught by one of the solarii members after being shipwrecked on Yamatai. Lara was also captured by one of the solarii and was taken to the Scavenger's Den, a pplace somewhere near the shipwrecked camp.

After Lara managed to escape from her imprisonment, she finds Steph tied up and painted on. Steph was the first victim to the solarii's sacrifices.

In multiplayer, she can be unlocked and played after reaching level 24.



  • Solarii
  • Solarii Scavenger


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