Stella Hill
Stella Hill
Actor Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age Unknown
Occupation Blackwell Academy Student
Family Unknown
First Appearance "Chrysalis"
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "Chrysalis" to present.

Stella Hill is a character that appeared in Life is Strange.

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Life is StrangeEdit


Stella is a student of Mark Jefferson's photography class, participating in the "Everyday Heroes Contest". During Jefferson's class she dropped her pencil, which is noted by Max Caulfield. Upon class's dismissal, Mr. Jefferson is quick to remind her that she, Alyssa and Taylor Christensen have yet to submit their entries for the contest.

Outside on campus, Max runs into Stella speaking with some of her friends. She recognized Max as one of Jefferson's students and the two discuss his work. Stella praised his "New York Urban" series and expressed relief that he returned to his hometown in Oregon. Stella joked that it must anger the "pretentious galleries" that Jefferson was teaching a bunch of "hicks" at Blackwell. Shortly after that, Stella expressed she would be "all over" Jefferson, were it not for Victoria Chase's overt flirting with their teacher.

When Max makes a gibe about Victoria's behavior toward Jefferson, Stella reveals that she thinks Rachel Amber slept with Jefferson on account of a "reliable source". If Max asks about Rachel Amber, Stella tells Max that Rachel never hung out with the likes her, but with Victoria and the cool clique nonetheless, where "insane stories" about Rachel were likely made.

"Out of Time"Edit

Stella is still attempting to sleep the following morning of October 8, 2013 when the other students begin to rise and prepare for school. Living next door to Dana Ward, she is repeatedly distributed by Dana's loud music and shouts that Dana turn her music down, as there were "people sleeping". When Max knocks on her door, Stella dismisses her with a similar response. Max notes that Stella is not a morning person.

Later, Stella arrives to photography class. While waiting for the beginning of Mr. Jefferson's class, she is observing a poster nearest to the chalkboard.

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Life is StrangeEdit

  • "Chrysalis"
  • "Out of Time"