Shiva the Tiger
Actor None
Gender Male
Hair Orange and black
Occupation Zoo Animal
Family Owner - Ezekiel
First Appearance What Comes After
Last Appearance All Out War - Part 1
Death Issue All Out War - Part 1
Cause of Death Ripped apart by zombies while saving Ezekiel.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan What Comes After to All Out War - Part 1
Shiva the Tiger Death
Shiva is torn apart by zombies after saving Ezekiel.

Shiva is a tiger in The Walking Dead comics and is the pet of Ezekiel. She lived in the Kingdom until she got killed saving Ezekiel.

Involvement Edit

The Walking DeadEdit

What Comes AfterEdit

Eventually Ezekiel founded The Kingdom and Shiva became his pet, sitting at his side while he sits on his throne. Shiva sleeps in a cage inside Ezekiel's room.

March to WarEdit

Shiva is later seen aiding Ezekiel in battle against The Saviors. It is due to her and Paul Monroe that The Saviors retreated from Alexandria Safe-Zone.

All Out War - Part 1Edit

Along with Ezekiel, she sleeps in Michonne's house. Specifically the bathroom. In the morning, Ezekiel mentions that Shiva defecated in the bathtub. Later, after the battle of the Sanctuary, Shiva is seen with Ezekiel and Michonne, eating a dead zombie. Ezekiel tells Michonne that Shiva is able to eat zombies without getting sick.

In the aftermath of a failed attack against a Savior's outpost, Shiva defends Ezekiel from a herd of zombies, sacrificing herself and being devoured to save her owner.

Appearances Edit

Walking Dead ComicsEdit

What Comes AfterEdit

  • Issue 108

March To WarEdit

  • Issue 110
  • Issue 111
  • Issue 114

All Out War - Part 1Edit

  • Issue 117
  • Issue 118