Your species needs to learn its place, Shepard.

—Saren to Commander Shepard about humans.

  Saren Arterius
Saren Virmire
Actor Fred Tatascriore
Gender Male
Hair Fringe
Occupation Soldier (Formerly)
Spectre (Formerly)
Family Brother - Desolas Arterius (Deceased)
First Appearance Mass Effect: Evolution
Last Appearance Mass Effect
Cause of Death Commits suicide, then killed by Commander Shepard.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan Mass Effect: Evolution to Mass Effect.
Saren's Death
Husk Saren
Saren commits suicide, then transformed into a husk and put down by Commander Shepard.
Saren Gallery

Saren Arterius is the primary antagonist in Mass Effect. He is a turian spectre who turned rogue during the game's events.


Mass EffectEdit

"Eden Prime"Edit

Saren first appears at Eden Prime even though he shouldn't be there. He kills Nihlus from behind and leaves Geth and charges to destroy the colony. When he hears from Matriarch Benezia that a human named Commander Shepard intervened with the prothean beacon he enters into a temporary rage.

He talks to the council through hologram to protect himself against Shepard, Donnel Udina and David Anderson. Eventually Shepard gaines allies and evidence against Saren and caused him to lose his spectre status.


Saren tried to convince The Thorian to join him and Sovereign but gets refused. Saren leaves Shiala behind for the Thorian to have.


He gets mentioned by Benezia about using the Mu Relay and getting to Ilos.

"Getting Liara T'Soni"Edit

He sends geth and a Krogan warlord to get Liara T'Soni and bring her back to them but they get defeated by Commander Shepard.


Saren travels to Virmire to clone Krogan for his own benefit to gain an army of soldiers. He finds Shepard and attacks them and their team, leaving them only time to save Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko. Saren manages to escape Virmire and turn to the next step of the plan.


Saren and his geth army finds Ilos and got to the Conduit in time to open the Citadel for Sovereign.

"Battle of the Citadel"Edit

Saren, Sovereign and the geth attacks the Citadel to bring the other Reapers back to the universe. Saren encounters Shepard again and tries to convince them to join them and the Reapers. Saren either shoots himself or gets killed by Shepard.

Sovereign's implants transformed Saren's body into a husk version of itself making it more powerful against Shepard and they're team. But it got destroyed by the team and ultimately kills Saren by turning him into ash.