Actor Nicki Rapp
Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Occupation Child Pharaoh of Egypt (Formerly)
Family Unnamed Father (Deceased)
First Appearance "They Stole Max's Brain!"
Last Appearance "The City Dares Not Sleep"
Death Episode "The City Dares Not Sleep"
Cause of Death Destroyed in a ship explosion caused by a demonic Max.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan "They Stole Max's Brain!" to "The City Dares Not Sleep".

Sammun-Mak is a Child Pharaoh of Egypt, original human user of The Devil's Toybox and main antagonist of the third episode of the third season of Sam & Max, They Stole Max's Brain!. His name is obviously and ironically a portmanteau of the term "Sam and Max"..

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"They Stole Max's Brain!"Edit

In "They Stole Max's Brain!", Sam snatched Sammun-Mak's brain from the jar and placed it in Max's body to keep Sal from incinerating it. Sammun-Mak agreed to help Sam get Max's brain back in exchange for a new body when they were done.

When they recovered Max's brain, Sammun-Mak spotted the Devil's Toybox and reclaimed it, twisting reality into one in which he is the supreme ruler of the world and everyone, besides Molemen, are devoted to him. After Sam and Max, with help from the Molemen, used the brainscrew to remove his brain again, reality was turned back the way it was and Max's brain returned to his body.

"The City Dares Not Sleep"Edit

In the finale, Sam, controling one of his clones, found Sammun-Mak's brain again. Skun-ka'pe had recovered it and fitted it into his spaceship as a replacement for Gordon the Brain to control the ship. In the end of the episode, his brain was presumably destroyed along with the rest of the ship.

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Season 3Edit

  • "They Stole Max's Brain!"
  • "The City Dares Not Sleep"