Sam is a dog who was found by Clementine near a destroyed camp.

Sam The Dog
Sam the Survivor Dog
Vital statistics
Position Family Dog(Formerly)

Stray Dog

Age Unknown
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


The Walking Dead Game Season TwoEdit

"All That Remains"Edit

While Clementine is walking through the forests alone, she finds Sam. The dog growls when meeting her the first time but gets friendly and playful with her. He leads her to his family's camo that was long last used and Clementine believes it to be wrecked by scavengers or Walkers.

Clementine sees tattered and overturned tents, old and nasty food, a wrecked bus and family mementos such as the photo of the family and toys in a box. There is also a flying disc on the ground nearby and Clementine can play with Sam. After throwing at a few times, she throws it to far and Sam leaves it this time.

Sam starts to bark at a tied up walker, which Clementine kills with a thick tree branch. She loots from its corpse a very sharp knife that she can use. After rammagin in the garbage as well, she opens the canned beans with the knife. Sam sits in front of her and watches her so that he can eat as well. Clementine either doesn't give him food or she does and he takes it from her.

Regardless, he gets angry and bites Clementine on her right arm. She struggles to get Sam off her, which leads her to kick him into metal tent poles. Sam gets impaled against his leg and stomach. He struggles to get out and starts to whine. Clementine can show mercy and stab him in the neck or leave him to suffer and die.


  • Unknown Family