Ruffnut is a female viking and thje fraternal twin of Tuffnut. She makes an appearance in How to train your dragon series.

Ruffnut Thorston
Vital statistics
Position Viking

Dragon Racer

Age Young adult
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


How to Train your DragonEdit

Like most of her friends and brother, she goes to a dragon training class to learn how to kill dragons. She taunts Hiccup because he doesn't have any succes in taking down dragons, even though she also has a  problem since she can't work with her brother in battle.

After Hiccup shown them a technique to control dragons, she became his biggest fan. Pushing and shoving her brother to talk to Hiccup first. She also starts to develop a crush on Hiccup and tries to flirt with him before Astrid pulls her away.

Ruff helps Hiccup to fight the Red Death and bonds with the Zippleback trapped in the dragon killing classes. She and her brother mounted Barf and Belch to confront the Red Death and survived.

How to train your Dragon 2Edit

In the beginning she and her brother works as a team to defeat Astrid, Fishlegs and  Snotlout in dragon racing, which Hiccup doesn't show up for. Ruffnut helps her friends to look for Hiccup and Astrid after leaving Berk to confront Eret and find Drago Bludvist. When she sees Eret, she immediately falls for him and even saying "Me Likey". Ruff even let herself be caught by Eret. When she was next to Eret, he was disturbed by her.

She escapes from the dragon hunters and was ordered to wait for Stoick and Gobber to return with Hiccup. However, she agrees with Astrid to find Hiccup by Drago's lair. She lost interest in Eret when he sold them out to Drago. When Eret betrayed Drago, she once again took an interest in him.

She and her brother helps Hiccup, Stoick, Gobber and Valka to defeat Drago's army. However, she and Tuff loses their dragon to Drago after the battle and Stoick's death. Ruffnut cryed when she was present at Stoick's funeral.

Ruffnut flew on a baby dragon to reach Berk and save the people. She helps the others to distract the Alpha when Hiccup tries to free Toothless from the control of the alpha and Drago. When she was in danger, Snotlout and Fishlegs saved her and she took and interest in them as well. She wanted to hug them but lost to their dragons.




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