Richard L. Jenkins is a Alliance Marine who serves under David Anderson on the Normandy. He was a part of Commander Shepard's Eden Prime squad.

Richard L. Jenkins
Species Human
Voice Actor Josh Dean
a.k.a. Corporal
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Homeworld Eden Prime
Family Unknown
Status Dead
Occupation Alliance Marine
Cause of Death Shot by geth drones
Series Lifespan Mass Effect


Mass EffectEdit

"Eden Prime"Edit

Jenkins is first seen talking to Karin Chakwas aboard the Normandy. He shown to be very impressed by Nihlus' accomplishments, leading to Karin and Commander Shepard to tell him to cool it down for the mission. He, Shepard and Kaidan Alenko was sent to Eden Prime to investigate the problem there. He even asks Nihlus if he is coming with them, but he declines, saying he works faster alone.

While on Eden Prime, Jenkins mentioned he was born there. Shortly thereafter, he gets killed by Geth Drones. Due to his death, the Normandy Crew remembers his sacrifice on Eden Prime's mission.

Mass Effect 2Edit

"Serrice Ice Brandy"Edit

He is mentioned by Karin while she drinks with Shepard. She tells a story that she remebered of him before he died two years ago.

Mass Effect 3Edit

"Normandy Memorial"Edit

On the Normandy there was a memorial wall with everybody's name on, only if they got killed serving for the greater good. Jenkins name is also included there.

"The Prothean ruins on Eden Prime"Edit

Some squadmates of Shepard will recall Jenkins' death on his home planet.



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