Ravi Uppal
Ravi Uppal
Actor Sunil Malhotra
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Occupation Unknown
Family Unknown
First Appearance Dead Rising 3
Last Appearance Dead Rising 3
Status Alive
Series Lifespan Dead Rising to Present.

Ravi Uppal is a survivor in Dead Rising 3. He can be encountered during Chapter 2 in the mission Craven Consultant.

Involvement Edit

Dead Rising 3Edit

Craven ConsultantEdit

He is found hiding in the store closet of the restaurant that he works at. Terrified, he asks Nick Ramos to bring him a meat cleaver and a chainsaw so that he can be better armed against the zombies.

After Nick has done this, Ravi makes the Mini Chainsaw. He then gives it to Nick, and the blueprints for the combo weapon. After completing the mission, he will join Nick.

Allies Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Zombies

Appearances Edit

  • Dead Rising 3