Pat Maine
Pat Maine
Actor R.J. Allison
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Occupation Radio Host
Family Unknown
First Appearance (Bright Falls) - "Time Flies" (Voice)
(Video Game, S1) - "Nightmare"
Last Appearance "Departure"
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "Time Flies" to present.

Pat Maine is a character who appears in Alan Wake. He is the local radio host of Bright Falls KBF Radio. He's voice can be heard only in the second episode of the Bright Falls mini-series.

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Bright Falls"Edit

"Time Flies"Edit

Though he never physically appears, he appears in the episode early in the morning where he talks about the meaning of Deerfest.

Alan Wake: Season 1Edit


Pat plays a fairly minimal role in the events of Alan Wake. He is the first local who Alan Wake meets - being on the ferry which Alan rides on at the story's beginning. When Pat recognizes him for who he is, he requests an interview which Alan denies.

Later, when Alan is at the Bird Leg Cabin, Pat can be heard on the radio mentioning that an unnamed celebrity has arrived to enjoy the Deerfest. However Alan's anonymity is destroyed when Rose Marigold phones in and excitedly exclaims his presence in Bright Falls. Throughout the game, Pat's radio show can be heard on radios particular locations. These extracts include music, interviews and call-ins from locals.


In Episode 3: Ransom, Pat's radio station becomes Alan's goal of refuge when running from the police. He breaks into the sound room and requests to speak with Pat, right before Agent Nightingale shoots unexpectedly at both of them through the window.

Later, Pat can be heard in more radio broadcasts referencing to the shooting and professing to be on Alan's side of the dispute.

"The Clicker"Edit

In Episode 5: The Clicker when Sarah Breaker asks Barry Wheeler to phone a group of locals and inform them of the trouble with the code word "Night Springs", Pat's name is notably on the list. When asked why that codeword, Breaker explains that it is an inside joke about how Bright Falls is sometimes just as weird as the TV show.


At the very end of Episode 6: Departure, Pat is one of the locals who can be seen celebrating the Deerfest.

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Bright FallsEdit

  • "Time Flies" (Voice Only)

Alan Wake: Season 1Edit

  • "Nightmare"
  • "Ransom"
  • "The Clicker"
  • "Departure"