Norm Richards
Norm Richards
Vital statistics
Position Freelance Gunman
Age Unknown
Status Determinant
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Norm Richards is a freelance gunman that appears in Grand Theft Auto 5 as a heist crew member.



"The Jewel Store Job"Edit

In both aproaches, he's bike will bust up, even before entering the sewers. This will cause Norm to either be badly wounded or get killed, losing all of jewels on the ground. However, Franklin Clinton can pick the jewels up if he is fast enough.

"The Paleto Score"Edit

Regardless, Norm gets crushed against a building wall, because a police car crushed him. He will struggle for his life but dies shortly thereafter. Before dying, he will asks Michael if he did him proud. All of his money can be collected near his body.

"The Bureau Score"Edit

"Covert Aproach"Edit

During the escape from the FIB building, an explosion will kill him with no problem. If Daryl Johns or Hugh Welsh is present, one of the three will randomly get killed by the explosion.

"Roof Aproach"Edit

Norm will survive the apraoch with no problems.

"The Big Score"Edit

"Subtle Aproach"Edit

If Norm was selected as the first gunman, he will have trouble with loading the gauntlets, causing the crew lose 18 million in gold. If he was chosen as the second gunman, no other complications will occur.

"Obvious Aproach"Edit

Regardless of being the first or secong gunman, he will do a decent job. If he is the secong gunman and has no experience from the previous heist, he will have a larger chance of dying in the fight against the police. This forces the bosses to protect him.



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