Nick Alto is a human male sim that makes his debut in The Sims 3. Nick is the husband of Vita Alto and the brother of Bert Alto. He and his wife has a daughter, Holly Alto.
  Nick Alto
Nick Alto
Actor None
Gender Male
Hair Brown with white
Age Adult
Occupation Vice President of Business
Family Wife - Vita Alto

Brother - Bert Alto

Daughter - Holly Alto
First Appearance Sims 3
Last Appearance Sims 3
Status Alive
Series Lifespan Sims 3 to present.


The Sims 3Edit

Nick lives with his wife and daughter in Sunset Valley and Nick biggest dream is to become the emporer of evil. Nick has a very good relationship with his wife but doesn't have a lot to do with his daughter, Holly. Altough Nick is the vice president of business, he actually wants to become a criminal.

Nick loves to work out at the gym since his is well build. He has a feud with the Landgraab Family, especially his business rival, Nancy Landgraab. The reason why he and Nancy are rivals are due to them both being the vice president of business and both want to becom the next CEO.

He and his wife, Vita, are one of the most evil sims living in Sunset Valley. He's family has a pool, but he is a hydrophobic.