Neo Metal Sonic
Neo Metal Sonic
Actor (Japanese) - Jun'ichi Kanemaru
(English) - Ryan Drummond
Gender Male
Hair Blue Metal
Occupation Unknown
Family Creator - Dr. Eggman
First Appearance Sonic Heroes
Last Appearance Sonic Heroes
Death Sonic Heroes
Cause of Death Reverted back to original form.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan Sonic Heroes Only.

Neo Metal Sonic is one of Metal Sonic's transformations. He is the hidden trrue main antagonist ofSonic Heroes. He takes this form throughout most of the game in which he uses to disguise himself as Dr. Eggman and to copy the data of whom he fought against in order to make himself more powerful.

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Sonic HeroesEdit

After betraying Dr. Eggman and assuming his identity as a disguise, Metal Sonic copies the physical data (and/or abilities) of Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Froggy and Chocola to assume his ultimate form, Metal Madness and later Metal Overlord. This not only dramatically increased Metal Sonic's power, but gave him shape-shifting abilities and a new appearance (a cape, sharp tipped shoes and longer spines on his head), dubbed Neo Metal Sonic. He manages to achieve this through the use of Chocola, due to the Chao having a connection to Chaos, the destructive water god from Sonic Adventure, and Froggy, who periodically had Chaos' tail in Sonic Adventure. In his Metal Overlord form, he transforms into a mechanical dragon-like entity, with one eye over the other, strangely.

After he is defeated by Team Super Sonic in his Metal Overlord form, he reverts to his original form. Sonic then challenges Metal Sonic to a future rematch and races away. Metal Sonic then passes out cold; he is last seen being lifted off the ground by Omega the Robot, who exchanges a glance with Shadow. What they both have in mind for the metallic hedgehog is never told. At some point, Eggman re-obtains him and reprograms him to be obedient.

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  • Sonic Heroes