Nef was a human teenager who lives on Omega with her mother. She was killed by Morinth when she melded with her.

Nef's Face
Species Human
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Homeworld Omega
Family Mother - Diana

Lover - Morinth (Deceased)

Status Dead
Occupation Scupltor
Death Episode Mass Effect 2
Cause of Death Died from melding with Morinth.
Series Lifespan Mass Effect 2


Mass Effect 2Edit


When looking for Morinth, Commander Shepard and Samara can help Nef's mother, Diana with Nef's murder. The both of them searches Nef's room, revealing that she was and artistically talented teen before being killed. Even thoug Nef was shy and lonely, she loved to use her talents.

It was also revealed that Nef got money from her sculptures from multiple art galleries. Diana informs Samara and Shepard that all of a sudden, Nef's personality changed when she met Morinth on Omega.  Diana warned Nef a few times, but Nef went to teh Afterlife VIP club every night when passing Jaruut's name.

Nef didn't return to the apartment for days, until her death was revealed to her mother. Morinth enthralled Nef for her musical and artistic talents. If Shepard helped Diana and helped Samara to kill Morinth, Diana will send a e-mail to the commander later.

If Shepard killed Samara to recruit Morinth, Diana isn.t aware of Morinth still being alive.



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