Russian Natasha
Actor Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Dirty Blonde
Age Mid 30's to 40's
Occupation Unknown
Family Arvo - Brother
First Appearance "Amid The Ruins"
Last Appearance "No Going Back"
Death Episode "No Going Back"
Cause of Death Shot during the gun fight. (Alive)
Shot in the head by Clementine. (Zombified)
Status Dead
Series Lifespan "Amid The Ruins" to "No Going Back"
Natasha's Death
Natasha after being shot by Clementine. (Zombified)

Natasha is a Russian who appears in The Walking Dead: Season Two. She is also the sister of Arvo. She, Arvo, Vitali, and Buricko are the main antagonists in episode 4 & 5.


The Walking Dead: Season TwoEdit

"Amid the Ruins"Edit

Whilst Arvo is distracting Clementine's group, she comes along with Buricko and Vitali and holds Clementine's group at gunpoint. She speaks in Russian towards Arvo, seemingly about the situation, and is partially surprised when they discover the group has a Alvin Jr.. She is seen aiming her pistol at Bonnie in particular and slowly circling her.

"No Going Back"Edit

Natasha is shot offscreen in the chest by either Luke, Kenny, Bonnie or Mike. Arvo is seen performing CPR on her. When Kenny grabs Arvo to force Vitali to surrender, Natasha reanimates and attacks Kenny, but is shot in the head by Clementine.

People Killed Edit

  • Possibly countless zombies

Killed ByEdit




Season TwoEdit

  • "Amid the Ruins"
  • "No Going Back"