Mike Davis
Mike Davis
Actor Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Hotel Security Guard
Family Unknown
First Appearance "Born to be Wild"
Last Appearance "Born to be Wild"
Status Unknown
Series Lifespan "Born to be Wild" to present. (Unknown)

Mike Davis is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is a member of the security team at Royal Palms Resort, and is found inside the hotel during the quest "Born to be Wild."

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Dead IslandEdit

"Born to be Wild"Edit

He offers to unlock the doors for the Hero, but first the Hero must discover the fate of Mike's partner, Ken, who was overwhelmed by walkers.

After the Hero locates Ken and returns to Mike, he allows the Hero through. He informs the Hero that the Hotel's security system is damaged, and needs to be re-booted.

After the hero leaves, it is unknown what happened of Mike since there are still walkers in the hotel.

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  • Walkers