Michelle Grant
Michelle Grant
Actor PaSean Wilson
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age Unknown
Occupation Science Teacher
Family Unknown
First Appearance "Chrysalis"
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "Chrysalis" to present.

Michelle Grant is a character that appeared in Life is Strange and is one of the teachers at Blackwell Academy.

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Life is StrangeEdit


Max Caulfield first sees Michelle in the hallway outside her science class. Later, she asks Max to sign a petition against David Madsen's security camera system over the school.

  • Sign the petition: Max decides to sign the petition against David's idea which makes Michelle very happy and calls Max her "favourite student".
  • Don't sign the petition: Max doesn't sign the petition, because of her believe in the camera system that it can help people like it could have helped Rachel Amber. Although if Max decides to do this, Michelle will sadly dismiss Max.

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Life is StrangeEdit

  • "Chrysalis"