Lucy Campbell
Lucy Campbell
Actor None
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age 33
Occupation Owner of Fashion Shop
Family Girlfriend - Kim Aoki
First Appearance "Fashion Victim" (Corpse Only)
Last Appearance "Fashion Victim" (Corpse Only)
Death Episode "Fashion Victim"
Cause of Death Strangled, then impaled in the head by Odell Toole.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan "Fashion Victim" Only.

Lucy Campbell (1979-2012) was the victim and minor character in Criminal Case.


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"Fashion Victim"Edit

Lucy was found dead in her shop window (Lucy's Fashion Shop). Nathan Pandit discovered that the victim was impaled through her medulla oblongata by a mannequin stand as she was strangled. There was also saliva on her clothes, which had the taste of diet cola.

This revealed that the killer used to drink diet cola. Nathan said that this was understandable as the killer also had diabetes. Lucy died when she was 33 years old which was proven by the dates on her tombstone.

The killer was revealed to be Odell Toole, who was a mall cleaner. He killed Lucy with the intentions of getting caught, so that everyone would remember him forever. Since, Odell was just cleaning personnel, no one gave him as much credit as he wanted them to. So he wanted to change it by doing something unthinkable.

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Season 1Edit

  • "Fashion Victim"