Karl Thekla is a mage and a "friend" of Anders. He became a tranquil recently and resides in the Kirkwall Chantry.

Karl Thekla
Karl in DA
Vital statistics
Position Mage(Formerly)


Age Unknown
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Dragon Age IIEdit


When Hawke asks Anders about maps for the Deep Roads, Anders tells Hawke to help him first to rescue Karl from the templars before he gives the map to them.

Anders and Hawke enters the Kirkwall Chantry at night to save Karl, only it was to late. Kark was already turned into a tranquil by the templars. This angered Anders, causing him to let Justice out to kill all of the templars there.

After the fight, Karl is back to his noraml self for a temporarily time. Karl tells Anders that he summoned the Fade itself in the Chantry in a way. Karl asks them to kill him, since he rather wants to be dead than a templar puppet. Anders tells Karl he's sorry and kills him out of mercy.

If Hawke goes to talk to Anders after gaining the maps, he will reveal to them that he and Karl were once lovers.



  • Templars

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