Jaime is a character tha was mentioned in The Walking Dead Video Game: Season 2.

Species Human
a.k.a. Sis
Hair Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Homeworld Earth
Family Sister - Jane
Status Dead
Occupation Unknown
Cause of Death Left for the walkers by Jane.


The Walking Dead: Season TwoEdit

"Amid The Ruins"Edit

Sometime after the outbreak, Jaime didn't want live anymore. Jane mentioned that she even had to carry Jaime across four states, until they were forced to escape throug the roof. Jane couldn't help Jaime and told her that she can have what she wants. Jaime is then left for the walkers while Jane escapes.

Jaime is mentioned later when Jane and Clementine wlaks through the forests to find Luke, Sarah and Nick (Determinant). Jane will tell Clementine about her and Jaime's life before the outbreak.

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