Jack DI
Actor Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Black
Occupation Doctor
Family Unknown
First Appearance "Blood on the Sand"
Last Appearance "Life in the Bag"
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "Sand on the Blood" to present.

Jack is a survivor featured in Dead Island.

Involvement Edit

Dead IslandEdit

"Sand on the Blood"Edit

He is first seen when the Hero awakens to the sight of Jack, alongside Dominic, looming overhead wielding a baseball bat.

Once the Hero is fully awake, and Jack realizes that the Hero is not infected, he calms down. He remains in the corner of the bedroom until the group moves to the Lifeguard Tower.


Jack was one of the survivors who made it to the lifeguard tower.

"Bloody Health Service!"Edit

Once at the Lifeguard Tower, Jack takes up residence in the doctor's office upon completion of the side-quest "Bloody Health Service!", but complains about the lack of supplies.

"Life in the Bag"Edit

He gives the Hero the side-quest "Life in the Bag", in which the Hero must find a paramedic's bag in a nearby ambulance to retrieve bandages.

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Enemies Edit

  • Walkers