Holly Alto is a female human sim who appears in The Sims 3. She is the daughter of Nick Alto and Vita Alto.
  Holly Alto
Holly Alto
Actor None
Gender Female
Hair Light Brown
Age Teen
Occupation High School Student
Family Father - Nick Alto

Mother - Vita Alto

Uncle - Bert Alto
First Appearance Sims 3
Last Appearance Sims 3
Status Alive
Series Lifespan Sims 3 to present.


The Sims 3Edit

Holly lives with her parents in Sunset Valley. Unlike her parents, she is quite the oppiste of them. Being a sim with a good heart, she always tries to convince her parents to become good. She is good friends with Bebe Hart, a student from her high school.

She got a B on her grades and has some skills with logic and painting. Oddly, Holly doesn't share any genetics with her parents. Both her parents have dark brown hair while she has blonde hair. It may be implied that Holly was adopted.