Actor Aidan Kwasneski
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age Preteens
Occupation Assumed Student
Family Father - Randy
Mother - Patricia
First Appearance "No Going Back" (Determinant)
Last Appearance "No Going Back" (Unknown, Determinant)
Status Determinant

Gill is a character that appears in the end of The Walking Dead: Season Tw. (Determinant) .

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Season TwoEdit

"No Going Back"Edit

Gill and his family will appear if Clementine went with Jane. Clementine and Jane sees Gill's family walking towards the building. His parents, Randy and Patricia asks the girls for help, as they have been walking for week, they are out of food and are starving. Jane will remind Clementine that there is not much food left. Patricia will then beg the girls to let them in, saying they won't survive another night. Its at this point, Clementine is given two options.

Invite them inside (Alive) : Clementine will tell the family to come inside, in which Gill will be pleased and happy. They come in through the emergency exit. Clementine and Jane notices a gun in the back pocket of Randy's pants. Patricia introduces herself, thanking the girls for helping them and hugs Jane. Gill looks at Clementine and acknowledge her hat, in which she thanks him. The season then ends. Force them to leave (Unknown) : Clementine will tell the family to leave. Randy will ask her if she's sure and what if his family was dangerous. Clementine will then pull out a gun at them, reminding them once more to leave. As Randy turns his back, the girls see a gun in the back pocket of his pants. Jane will thank Clementine for telling the family to leave. As the family is leaving, Gill will look at Clementine one last time before the season ends.

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Season TwoEdit

  • "No Going Back" (Determinant)