Fist is a crimelord and owner of Chora's Den.

Angry Fist
Vital statistics
Position Crime Lord(Formerly)

Chora's Den Owner(Formerly)


Age Unknown
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Mass EffectEdit

"Chora's Den"Edit

Even though he is a crime lord, he was an agent for The Shadow Broker. Fist got heavily paid by Saren to work with him,making The Shadow Broker wanting him dead and Cerberus wanted information on the Shadow Broker. Dr.Chloe Michel comments on Saren's payment to Fist and told Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian about a Tali. However, the Shadow Broker hired Urdnot Wrex to kill Fist.

Shepard an their squad launch and assault on Chora's Den to get Fist. After defeating his guard, bouncers and turrets, they question him about the quarian. He reveals that she is going to meet Saren's assassins right now. Fist begs Shepard to let him go, with them deciding to let him go or execute him. If Wrex is present, he kills Fist to complete his job for the Shadow Broker.

Mass Effect 2Edit

If Fist is alive, then he can be encoutered by Shepard again at a bar on Omega.

Mass Effect 3Edit

"Citadel Coup"Edit

Fist is seen as a charred corpse if he was spared in Chora's Den.


  • Bouncers
  • Turrets
  • Guards
  • Saren