Eternal Champion
Vital statistics
Position Hero


Age 19(Early)


Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
The Eternal Champion is the main protagonist in Elder Scrolls: Arena.



The hero first save the emporer from Oblivion after he was trapped by Jagar Tharn.

After many years the hero finally reassembled the staff of chaos to defeat Jagar. However, the hero still needed one piece that was located in the Imperial Palace. They find out that Jagar was waiting for them and fights the hero for the last time.

When the hero combined the staff and jewel, it melted Jagar. After defeating Jagar, the hero was then announced as the "Eternal Champion".

It is believed that the hero returned to rule by the emporer's side.


  • Emporer Septim
  • General Warhaft
  • Ria Silmane


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