Actor Jamie Foxx
Gender Male
Hair Black (Before Transformation)
Occupation OSCORP Worker (Formerly)
Family Unknown
First Appearance The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Last Appearance Five Nights at Freddy's 2
Status Unknown
Series Lifespan The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to present. (Unknown)

Electro, also known as "Max Dillion" as his real name is a worker at Oscorp who got electrocuted and turned into Electro. He is Spider-Man's biggest fan until his hero forget his name and caused him to attack Manhatten. He eventually joined Green Goblin to kill Spider-Man.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2Edit

Max Dillion is first seen dropping blueprints on the street while Spider-Man distracts Rhino on his car. Spider-Man quickly saves Max and his blueprints from the incoming truck and tells him that he is Spider-Man's eyes and ears on the streets. After the encounter he became obsessed with Spider-Man and becomes a fanatic.

He later goes to work at Oscorp, only ending up meeting Alistair Smythe and Gwen Stacy. At the end of the day at Oscorp, Alistair tells Max to work late by checking on the electric eels. Max tries to use a console but sees it broken, leeding up to him being electrocuted and falling into the electric eels' container. The container breaks and Donald Menken tries to cover it up from the outside world, by deleting files abou Max Dillion and trying to eleminate anybody who wants to research something about Max.

Max awakens in a morgue as a blue electric man who controls the power there. He eventually goes to Times Square to aqquire the power there. Police officers then points guns at Max(who doesn't want to hurt anybody), believing he wants to hurt them. Spider-Man arrives the scene and forgets Max's name until Max himself reminded Spider-Man about his role. Spider-Man tries to convince Max to come with him but accidently electrocute Spider-Man and causing the sniper to shoot him. He got into a rage and fought Spider-Man in Times Square, but lost the fight and got sent to the Ravencroft Insitute.

He awakens again in front of a doctor and is tied up. The doctor tortures him to get answers out of Max, who then told them to call him "Electro".

He is later freed by Harry Osborn who wants his help to kill Spider-Man. Electro helped Harry get back Oscorp and got Donald Menken to follow Harry and take him to the special divisions floor. Electro lastly took all the power from the city and caused a blackout.

He fights Spider-Man through the plant but gets "killed" by the hero.



Appearances Edit

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2