Ed is a engineer and the father of Clementine. He is married to Diana. He was also among the first to be bitten in Savannah.

Ed Photo
Species Human
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Homeworld Earth
Family Wife Diana (Deceased)

Daughter - Clementine

Status Undead
Occupation Engineer
First Appearance "A New Day" (Photograph)
Last Appearance "No Time Left" (Zombified)
Cause of Death Infection
Series Lifespan "A New Day" to "No Time Left"


The Walking Dead GameEdit

"A New Day"Edit

Ed is mentioned by Diana through her voice messages about being attacked by a "crazy person" then quaratined. He and his wife died in Savannah's outbreak.

"No Time Left"Edit

While Lee Everett and Clemetine walked through the the horde of Walkers, Clementine suddenly frozed as she saw her parents as one of "them". Clementine didn't have time for a reaction as she needed to drag Lee away from the horde as he passed out from his bite.

The Walking Dead Season TwoEdit

"A House Divided"Edit

He can be mentioned by Clementine to William Carver when she lies that she and her father stays there. Carver asks for her father's name in which she responds by "Ed", Carver tells her that it is a strong name and he likes it.

"Amid The Ruins"Edit

Clementine can mentione her parents to Kenny inside his tent.