Actor None
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Unknown
Occupation None
Family Owner - Sole Survivor
First Appearance Fallout 4
Last Appearance Fallout 4
Status Alive
Series Lifespan Fallout 4 to present.
Dogmeat Gallery

Dogmeat (named Dog until the Sole Survivor meets the Minutemen) is a dog living in the Commonwealth. He is a companion for the Survivor.

Involvement Edit

Fallout 4Edit

Currently, no information is known about Dogmeat's past and whether or not he had an owner. However, Mama Murphy is the one to tell you his name and also suggests that he was with them and was sent to look for help when you first meet her suggesting that he belonged to a member of the group or the group as a whole.

Dogmeat is found at a Red Rocket station near Sanctuary Hills and can be recruited as a companion.

The Sole Survivor can command Dogmeat to do certain tasks, such as commanding him to go to a certain location of the Sole Survivor's choosing or fetching an item for the player character. In addition, Dogmeat can do certain tricks.

Killed Victims Edit

  • Mole rats (Alongside Sole Survivor)

Allies Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Raiders
  • Mole Rats

Trivia Edit

  • When first meeting him, he will just be named "Dog". However, further into the game, Mama Murphy tells the Sole Survivor his real name.
  • When the player character is rebuilding a site, they can place a dog house for him to stay in.
  • Unlike other companions, Dogmeat does not react much to the Sole Survivor's actions towards quests or other people, for the dog is happy to be their pet on adventures.
  • Dogmeat was the first companion confirmed for Fallout 4.
    • He was the first non-human companion confirmed as well.
  • Dogmeat is modelled after River, a German Shepherd, owned by Michelle Burgess who is the wife of Joel Burgess, Senior Designer at Bethesda Softworks.

Appearances Edit

  • Fallout 4
    • When Freedom Calls