Fable 2 Dog
Actor Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation None
Family Owner - Hero of Bowerstone
First Appearance Fable 2
Last Appearance Fable 2
Death Fable 2 (Determinant)
Cause of Death Shot by Lucien Fairfax after sacrificing itself to save it's owner. 9Determinant)
Status Determinant
Series Lifespan Fable 2

The Dog helps the Hero of Bowerstone to defeat Lucien Fairfax in Albion. It also helps the Hero in finding treasure chests, defeating enemies and certain quests. It was also adored by the the other heroes during the events of Fable II.


Fable IIEdit

The dog is first seen by the Hero of Bowerstone and their sister, Rose being attacked by a bully. Rose tries to help it, but the bully knocks her out temoprarily, but gets defeated and chased away by the Hero. The dog returns to the children's "home" and manages to stay by Rose's choice. After Rose's death, it remained with the Hero and Theresa during their recovery at a gypsy camp.

When the Hero goes to fight in the Cruicible, it stays with Hammer until then. It stays behind with Hammer again when the Hero sails off to the Spire to rescue Garth. However, all other events, it remains at it's best friend's side. When the heroes joined forces, Lucien finds them and captures Garth, Hammer and Reaver. Leaving the hero and the dog alone. Attempting to shoot the Hero, dog jumps in to save them from Lucien. After it died, their best friend gets "killed" as well.

After Lucien's death at the Spire, Theresa gives the Hero a choice of bringing back their family and dog back to life after being killed by Lucien and his guards. If it is not resurrected, it remains dead.