Dog is a male mabari war hound and the hound of The Warden. He is the most faitfhul companion of The Warden. He usaually add dominance to areas he travels through.
Actor Barks Only
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation War Hound
Family Unnamed Ex-ownwer (Deceased)

Owner - The Warden (Determinant)

Many puppies
First Appearance Dragon Age: Origins
Last Appearance Dragon Age: Origins
Status Unknown
Series Lifespan Dragon Age: Origins to present. (Unknown)


Dragon Age: OriginsEdit

Dog can be obtained through three diffrent ways. A Human Noble Warden always get dog in their origin story, helping him kill large rats in the larder. During Ostagar, he will wait with Duncan until The Warden went through the ritual. He goes with Warden and Alistair up to the Tower of Ishal and light the beacon for Logain's army, which left the wardens and the king to die.

All other warden origins must complete the task to heal a dog while in the Kocari Wilds. The kennel master confirms that he's previous master was killed by the Darkspawn and the dog got tainted by the blood. He later returns after the battle at Ostagar, helping Warden, Alistair and Morrigan killing Darkspawn. The Warden can decline to let the dog join, resulting him to return to the Ostagar ruins.

Through DLC, he can be recruited again at the Ostagar ruins.

Dog doesn't care about The Warden's choices and remains as a faithful companion. He interactions are usaually positive, especially with Alistair and Sten. It is revealed that he still do what regular dogs love to do.

Dragon Age Witch HuntEdit

If The Warden is orlesian or Dog was never recruited, he will be a gift for the Warden. After the battle of Denerim it is revealed that he was used for breeding puppies, before returning to the Warden. When Morrigan is found at The Nest he happily runs off to her, even though she hated him, she was very happy to see him again.