Diana is a human single mother on Omega, who lives there with her daughter,Nef.

Diana on Omega
Species Human
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Homeworld Omega
Family Duaghter - Nef (Deceased)
Status Unknown
Series Lifespan Mass Effect 2 to Present. (Unknown)


Mass Effect 2Edit

"The Ardat-Yakshi"Edit

Commander Shepard and Samara can help Diana by investigating Nef's murder. Shepard and Samara can investigate her daughter's room for clues. After they questioned Diana, she starts to cry over Nef's death. It is revealed that Nef has artistic skills and got money from several art galleries. Diana informs Samara and Shepard of Nef's sudden personality change after she met Morinth in a club.

Nef maanaged to get into the Afterlife VIP club when she speakes of Jaruut's name. If Morinth is killed, Diana will send the commander an e-mail.

However, if Samara was killed to recruit Morinth, Diana will be unaware that her daughter's killer is still alive.

It is unkown what happened to Diana after, since she wasn't on Omega when Oleg Petrovsky and Cerberus took over the station.


  • Daughter - Nef(Deceased)



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