David Walker was a con-artist-turned-copycat serial bomber who appeared in the first season of Criminal Minds.

David Walker
David Walker
Species Human
Voice Actor Joe Hart
a.k.a. The Palm Beach Bomber
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Homeworld Earth
Family Unnamed Wife
Status Dead
Occupation Antiques Dealer
First Appearance "Won't Get Fooled Again"
Last Appearance "Won't Get Fooled Again"

"The Fisher King, part 1" (Mentioned)

Death Episode "Won't Get Fooled Again"
Cause of Death Suicide by bomb
Series Lifespan "Won't Get Fooled Again"


Criminal Minds Season 1Edit

Walker is in his early twenties, he spent four years in prison for a series of forged checks. After being released, he established a business and opened a store which sold maps, coins, and historical documents with most of the inventory being fake. When he started promising his customers antiquities he didn't have time to forge, Walker got into debt. One of his clients, Barbara Keller, found out about the fake coins Walker had sold her.

If she had outed him, all his forgeries would have been discovered. As a result, Walker plants a bomb to kill her. He then sets off other bombs in order to throw the police off his track. Walker's bombs were exact duplicates of those made by Adrian Bale, who was responsible for the deaths of six FBI agents from Gideon's former unit; Walker came to admire Bale after following news reports of him and eventually getting into online contact with him. When Walker sends an innocent man with a necklace bomb to the police station, Hotch and Elle Greenaway confront Walker, who blows himself up.

Gideon then tries to make a deal with Adrian Bale. Bale leads the bomb squad through disabling the bomb until there is just one move to make - cut the red or blue wire. Bale tells him to cut the red wire. Gideon hesitates and then tells the bomb squad to cut the blue. The timer stops and Bale goes back to jail.

"The Fisher King, part 1"Edit

David is mentioned indirectly through the FIB team.

Crime InformationEdit

  • Con Artist
  • Serial Bomber
  • Copycat