Daryl Johns
Daryl Johns
Vital statistics
Position Gunman
Age Unknown
Status Determinant
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Daryl Johns is a gunman in Grand Theft Auto V.



"The Paleto Score"Edit

If Daryl was chosen to be a part of the heist, he will get killed during the escape from the police. A police car will crus him aginst a buildin, regardless how much he struggles, he gets killed and the stolen cash can be looted by Michael De Santa or Trevor Philips.

"The Bureau Raid"Edit

"Covert Aproach"Edit

Daryl will get killed in a explosion trying to flee the building, unless Hugh Welsh or Norm Richards is present as well. He or the other gunman can get killed in the explosion, leaving only one of the two gunmen to survive the raid.

"Roof Aproach"Edit

Regardless, Daryl survives the raid.

"The Big Score"Edit

"Subtle Aproach"Edit

If Daryl was chosen as the first gunman, he will drop some gold while loading the gauntlet. If he was chosen as the secong gunman, nothing bad happens.

"Obvious Aproach"Edit

He does a decent job as a first or second gunsman. If he doesn't have experiences from previous heists, he will have a larger chance to get killed by the police. This forces the bosses to protect him.



  • Police