Copperhead Arkham
Actor Rosa Salazar
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Occupation Contract Killer
Family Unknown
First Appearance Batman: Arkham Origins
Last Appearance Batman: Arkham Origins
Status Unknown
Series Lifespan Batman: Arkham Origins to present. (Unknown)

Copperhead is an expert escapist and assassin who is apparently a gang member from Central American drug cartels who works as a contract killer. She has great skills in contortion, due to her abnormal physiology. She appears to have advanced combat techniques and possesses many snake-like features, such as her forked tongue, reptilian eyes, and venomous talons.

Involvement Edit

Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

She arrived at Gotham and ended up captured and placed in interrogation. She managed to escape her overconfident interrogator, breaking his neck with her legs while he tried to call for help, before receiving an envelope requesting the hit on Batman. At some point during her contracted status, she managed to deduce that her "employer" had actually been impersonated by the Joker.

Copperhead is one of the eight assassins hired by Black Mask to kill Batman. While Batman uses the memory card of the drone to identify the assassins on the Batcomputer, Copperhead is seen in the GCPD being interrogated by a cop, she kills the cop when she escaped and got an envelope to kill Batman for the bounty. She is seen in Sionis Industries after Batman arrives. While searching for Black Mask in the Steel Mill, Batman encounters a Joker thug dying inside the elevator shaft. After scanning his body, Batman discovers he was killed by poisons in his system.

While interrogating Black Mask, Copperhead sneaks in and attacks Batman as Black Mask escapes. She is able to poison him with her claws, saying he is already dying slowly and mysteriously leaves. Batman finds a venom sample and scans the poison, which is revealed to be a powerful neurotoxin, and has Alfred synthesize a cure while explaining why his vitals are reacting strange, much to Alfred's discomfort. While heading to a ground level, Batman has hallucinations of Alfred calling him a dishonor to the Wayne family, and the Bank Manager and Commissioner Loeb complaining that he didn't save them, along with seeing Copperhead's taunting and cackling shadow.

Batman enters the ground level and then encounters the true Copperhead, and due to the neurotoxin affecting his mind, various copies of herself are created in Batman's mind to attack him. While both are fighting, the antidote arrives, curing the poison inside Batman. He takes down Copperhead and throws her in a metal crate, assuring she won't escape. In desperation, Copperhead pleads to Batman that Joker is having a meeting with the remaining assassins. She tells Batman to let her go, pretending to make the bargain of freedom for telling him where they are, but Batman, already knowing how to track them, locks her in the crate and sarcastically thanks her. Batman then tells Alfred to leave an anonymous tip at the GCPD, telling them to look in the shipping crates at the Steel Mill.

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  • Batman: Arkham Origins