Clever Hans is a worker for Georgie Porgie during the Wolf Among Us.

Clever Hans
Clever Hans
Vital statistics
Position Bouncer



Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


The Wolf Among UsEdit

"Smoke & Mirrors"Edit

Hans is first seen sweeping the main part of the room when Bigby Wolf enters the clun during an investigation. While sweeping, Bigby and his boss, Georgie Porgie argues about the investiagtion. When the argument gets heated and Georgie's boombox gets broken, Hans investiagtes until Georgie tells him to go away.

However, before Hans goes away, Bigby asks him to stop so he can ask him about Lily. Hans tells Bigby about a book about all the girls in it and who their clients are and where the location is. Georgie gets angry about it and takes a cricket bat to teach Hans about his communication skills. Bigby interveres and uses the bat against Georgie until he gives the book's location.

"A Crooked Mile"Edit

Clever Hans is seen sweeping behing Georgie when Bigby and Snow White goes to the club to find Ichabod Crane.

"Cry Wolf"Edit

Hans is seen at the business office's waiting line talking to Gwen after Bigby decided the Crooked Man's fate.

Book of Fables EntryEdit

Clever Hans always does exactly as he's told. However, he often misunderstands his instructions and ends up hurting himself or behaving oddly, as in the case of his noted fable, where he threw sheep's eyes at his wife. Unsurprisingly, she left him, and now Hans works as a bouncer at Georgie's club. He hopes to dance on stage one day, but for now he's content sweeping up and making sure the crowd doesn't get out of hand.



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