Brick is one of the Vault Hunters in Borderlands and is a Crimson Raider in Borderlands 2.

Brick Hand
Vital statistics
Position Slab King(Formerly)

Crimson Raider

Vault Hunter(Formerly)

Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown



Brick first appears with Lillith, Roland and Mordecai. He can be a playable character for the game. In the end he and the other Vault Hunters opened a vault with eridium in it.

Borderlands 2Edit

After getting the upgrades for Claptrap, Roland sends the Vault Hunters to find Brick and get his help. They had to kill and fight through a lot of slab bandits to reach Brick(A Initation). Brick helps the hunters to kill the Hyperion attackers then joins them and goes back to Sanctuary. Upon arriving there he gives the Vault Hunters missions.

Brick carries a barge to the new vault with Mordecai, until the barge was targeted by the Moon Blitz. The two of them helped the Hunters before the both of them got into the barge and fell into the lava. However, the both of them survives and got to the vault to witness other vault locations. He, Mordecai and Lillith has taken over the Crimson Raiders after Roland got killed by Handsome Jack.