Beth Washington
Beth Washington
Actor Ella Lentini
Gender Female
Age 18-19
Occupation Presumed Student
Family Father - Bob Washington
Mother - Melinda
Brother - Josh Washington
Twin Sister - Hannah Washington (Deceased)
First Appearance Until Dawn
Last Appearance Until Dawn
Death Until Dawn
Cause of Death Fell off a cliff.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan Until Dawn Only.
Beth & Hannah Dead
Beth (with her sister Hannah) after the fall.
Beth Washington Gallery

Beth Washington is a character in Until Dawn and the protagonist of the game's prologue.

Involvement Edit

Until DawnEdit


The player takes control of Beth during her search for Hannah Washington. She eventually finds a note from Mike Munroe telling Hannah to come to the guest room at 2:00 A.M. Beth has the option of trying to wake Josh to help her, to no avail, or start searching for her right away. Hannah finds her friends at the front of the lodge and hears them calling after Hannah. Beth asks Mike what was going on and he responds that he was "messing around".

She sprints into the woods to look for Hannah and sees her lying on the ground, crying. Beth offers Hannah her coat and helps her up. Suddenly, they both hear something following them, and they run to the cliff where Matt and Emily are chased by the deer later in the game.

A Wendigo makes them back up to the edge of the cliff and they both fall off. Beth manages to grab onto the ledge with one and Hannah with the other.

After chasing off the Wendigo, a stranger reaches out for Beth to grab his hand and Beth has the option to either grab his hand and let go of Hannah, or let go of the ledge.

If she lets go of the branch, she and Hannah fall down and Beth dies upon hitting the floor of the cave back first. If Beth drops Hannah and tries to grab the Stranger's hand, the branch snaps, and Beth dies in the same manner.

Chapter 3Edit

Later, Ashley, Chris, and Josh Washington find a Ouji board and attempt to contact Hannah, who they think is dead. Ashley asks if the force moving the board is Hannah, but the board begins to spell out the word "sister".

If Ashley asks if it is Beth they are speaking to, the board spells out "yes". She then directs Ashley and Chris to the library as Josh leaves, trying to make sense of all of it.

Chapter 7Edit

As Emily wanders through the mines, she can find Beth's decapitated head sitting on top of a pile of rocks. She also finds a cross with Beth's name on it and the date the prank took place.

Based on the carvings on the cavern walls and an assortment of Hannah's belongings, Emily deduces that Beth died well before Hannah potentially did.

Killed By Edit

  • Wendigo (Indirectly Caused)
  • The Stranger (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Herself (Caused, Determinant)

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Appearances Edit

  • Until Dawn
    • Prologue