Andre Anthony
Andre Anthony
Actor Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 3
Occupation None
Family Father - Mike (Deceased)
Mother - Michonne
First Appearance "After" (Flashback)
Last Appearance "After" (Flashback)
Cause of Death Devoured by walkers.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan "After"

Andre Anthony is a character in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is Michonne's son and the central part of her mental stability issues. He made his first appearance in a dream sequence in Season 4 episode "After". Michonne mentions to Carl Grimes in the Season 4 episode "Claimed" that Andre died shortly after the outbreak of the apocalypse.

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Michonne dreams of her former life with her lover Mike, his friend Terry, and her son. In the dream, things rapidly progress from their idyllic life to the devastation of the apocalypse with Mike arguing that it is safer in their apartment than out there, after Mike and Terry appear with no arms like they did when they were walkers. He, however, was never seen afterwards, leaving his fate unknown.


Andre is only mentioned in this episode, and it was the first time that Michonne ever mentions Andre to anyone; and it was to Carl during a run for supplies. During this episode, we learn that his name was Andre Anthony, and that he was 3 years old when he died, which was shortly after the outbreak of the apocalypse. We also learn that he was an only child, as Michonne thought that one child was enough.


Andre is mentioned by Michonne to Carl after splitting with Rick and Daryl to scout the outside perimeter of Terminus. Michonne asks Carl why he didn't ask before about how Andre had died. She shares with Carl that Andre died when a refugee camp they were staying at became overrun after the fences fell. Mike and Terry were high off drugs and did not protect Andre from the zombies, leading to his death.

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Season 4Edit

  • "After" (Flashback)