Allen is a father and survivor of the zombie apocalypse. He is the husband of Donna and the father of the twins, Ben and Billy.

Allen Comics
Species Human
Voice Actor None
Hair Black
Eyes Unknown
Homeworld Earth
Family Wife - Donna (Deceased)

Son - Ben (Deceased)

Son - Billy (Deceased)

Status Dead
Occupation Shoe Salesman
Death Episode "The Heart's Desire"
Cause of Death Died from blood loss after Rick amputated his leg. Soon he gets shot by Rick before reanimation
Series Lifespan "Days Gone Bye" to "A Heart's Desire"


The Walking DeadEdit

Days Gone ByeEdit

Allen, his wife, Donna and his children, Billy and Ben, resides at the Atlanta camp with other survivors. Allen attends to shooting practice and later helps to fight off the zombies that attacked Amy. He was present at Amy's funeral.

Miles Behind UsEdit

Allen and Donna are happy when the group are moving on the road. The couple were even more happy when they found an estate. They wanted to raise thei children there during the apocalypse. During the clearing of the estate, Donna got killed. Allen and the twins were devastated after the clearing. When Andrea tries to console Allen, he snaps at her for not knowing Donna. Allen started to show signs of a mental weakness and always keeps to himself.

Safety Behind BarsEdit

Allens started to have mental breakdowns after the death of his wife, Donna. During a fight with the zombies present at the prison, Allen started to have a mental breakdown, and came around when Andrea yelled for more ammo. Later, Allen offers to help to find a generator, alongside Rick Grimes, Tyreese, Dale and Axel. Allen gets bitten in the Achilles tendon by a walker.

The Heart's DesireEdit

Rick, Dale, Tyreese and Axel gets Allen out of the block after being bitten. They attempted to aputate Allen's limb to stop the infection from spreading. Later, Allen apologizes to Andrea for his past actions and asks her and Dale to look after the twins if he dies. After a long struggling of blood loss, Allen dies in his sleep.


  • Wife - Donna(Deceased)
  • Son - Billy(Deceased)
  • Son - Ben(Deceased)



  • Zombies

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