Alestia is a asari molecular geneticist educated at the University of Aurais and later stationed at  Peak 15 in Noveria.

Alestia Iallis
Alestia Iallis
Vital statistics
Position Agent of Benezia
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Mass EffectEdit

After Commander Shepard has created the cure for sick scientists, the squad is ambushed by her and a group of geth. It turns out that she is working for Matriarch Benezia and wants to prevent Shepard from raeching her.

She is happy that they are trapped in the lab since she can quietly dispose of them. Things weren't looking good for her because her entire group got killed by Shepard and they're squad.

Later it is revealed she was just recently send to Peak 15 by an investor, Saren.